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God Save The King Was Created For The King Of France

The French Marquise de Créquy wrote in her book "Souvenirs", that the song ''Grand Dieu Sauve Le Roi'', was written by Jean-Baptiste Lully. According to the Marquise de Créquy, Lully created the song to celebrate the success of an operation to remove an anal fistula from the French king Louis XIV.

A scalpel created for the occasion is displayed at the Museum of the History of Medicine in Paris. Lully set to music the words created by the Duchess of Brinon and Créquy and played the song for Handel, who later performed the song for King George I of England as his own composition.

Here is the original French version:

  • Grand Dieu sauve le roi!: Great God save the king!
  • Long jours à notre roi!: Long days to our King!
  • Vive le roi!: Long live the King!
  • A lui victoire: To him victory
  • Bonheur et gloire: Happiness and glory
  • Qu’il ait un règne heureux: It has a happy reign
  • Et l’appui des cieux!: And the support of heaven


Paganini-Variations "God save the King" - Razvan Stoica violin
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