Updated: 8:29 PM UTC, Jul 16, 2017

The Best Cure For a Hangover - Could it be Sprite?

Sprite has just been crowned champion cure for a hangover surprisingly confirmed by a comprehensive study which ranks the drink as the perfect cure for a hangover.

A Chinese team of scientists who led the new study comes to this conclusion after analyzing the impacts of 57 different drinks, on the physical health of individuals as a result of a drunken night. Everything was studied, from tea, juices, coffee and the famous Bloody Mary, long considered the most effective solution.

But the solution to your hangover lies in a single bottle of Sprite, who's lemon and lime ingredients breakdown the alcohol and diminish your headache and nausea symptoms.

Tea in return can even extend your hangover!


Newest Hangover Cure? Study Says Sprite by Newsy Science

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