Updated: 8:29 PM UTC, Jul 16, 2017

The World’s Highest Unclimbed Mountain

Gangkhar Puensum which means “three brothers of the mountain” is located in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. This mountain peak soars 24,836 feet and has yet been conquered by mankind despite several attempts which resulted in failure.

In Bhutan, the climbing of mountains higher than 6,000 metres has been prohibited since 1994. The reasoning is based on the Bhutanese government's respect for local customs that consider this and similar peaks to be the sacred homes of protective spirits. Since 2003, mountaineering of any kind has been banned within the country’s borders..

Gangkar Puensum - 7,570m (Dochula pass) by dhaag2 Gangkar Puensum - 7,570m (Dochula pass) by dhaag2

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