Updated: 8:29 PM UTC, Jul 16, 2017

Tennis Gets Its Origin From The ''Game Of The Palm''

The name of the sport ''Tennis'' gets its origin in the ''Game Of The Palm''. Once the game commenced, the player had to say ''Tenez!'' (Hold!). The Anglo-Saxons understood Tennis. The reason for this confusion comes from the fact that 17th century French the word ''Tenez'' was pronounced ''Tenets! ", using an ''S'' at the end, which does indeed sound like tennis.

Lawn-tennis-Prang-1887 by Prang Lawn-tennis-Prang-1887 by Prang


Here is your guide to the history of tennis. Also, the history does get a little shaddy for a while there, so if you're writing a school essay on this, maybe consult another source....

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