Updated: 8:29 PM UTC, Jul 16, 2017

Monkfish Also Known As Anglerfish - The Ugliest Fish Alive

This fish is so ugly that fishmongers always remove the head before putting them on a shelf. That is why we only find monkfish tails on shelves. When you see its face you will probably never order it when you see it on the menu.


Sitting on the keel of the HMS Ark Royal, this Monkfish let us take some close up shots about 80 miles off of Gibraltar. As the ROV draws near, notice the filament like lure, or esca, between the fish's eyes. Laying quietly, the monkfish moves the esca to attract other fish which it then swallows whole! Bottom trawling, combined with slow reproduction and high demand for its delicate flesh has caused serious decline of this

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